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To Feel More Confident & Included During Conversations

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Tailored Hearing Care by Marelie Gous Audiologists at The Hearing Clinic in Pretoria


Preventable Decline in Memory

Less Joy

Feeling Excluded

Less Confidence

Follow 3 steps to get your ideal hearing loss solution:

Step 1


Meet an audiologist face-to-face who will assess your unique hearing needs and discuss your tailored solution.


Step 2


Try your ideal hearing aid match – or undergo other relevant treatment. Your solution is selected from our extensive variety of 8 top international hearing aid brands, including Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, Widex, Beltone, Signia(Siemens), Unitron and Hansaton.

Step 3


Feel included during conversations & enjoy life more.

We strive to guarantee your satisfaction, with:


Largest selection of advanced hearing aid brands


A free no-obligation hearing aid trial to give you the reassurance that you're investing sensibly


Competitive prices


30-day moneyback guarantee


Financing options through your medical aid or monthly payment plans


Free hearing aid after sales appointments


Up to 3 year free hearing aid service plan


Experienced and passionate audiologists

We offer an extensive variety of 8 top international hearing aid brands:

Don’t limit your options to only one or two hearing aid brands. Don’t choose a disreputable brand. Avoid the risk of not finding your ideal solution.

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Christo Knoetze

“I visited a couple of audiologists, but decided to stick with The Hearing Clinic. The service, professionalism and after care has been excellent.”

Joe Stephens

Die nuwe Signia gehoorapparate se klankkwaliteit klink natuurlik (soos wat dit werklik klink sonder gehoorapparate). Julle is sterre sover dit diens aangaan.”

Maralise Sheard

“Have you been in company, not knowing what’s being said or why people are laughing? Well the answer is The Hearing Clinic. After receiving your hearing aids, you will find a wonderful new world of sound open to you.”

Meet The Team

Marelie Gous

Marelie Gous

Practice Owner & Audiologist

B. Communication Pathology: Audiology & Speech Therapy (2002), University of Pretoria

I have enjoyed helping my clients, during my 18-year career, to discover their ideal hearing loss solution seeing them thrive in life. I have been in positions, however, where my freedom to offer the ideal solution was limited as I was obligated to offer a prescribed range of hearing aid brands. My dream to open The Hearing Clinic in 2014 was subsequently born, where we enjoy the independence to work with most international hearing aid brands implementing experience I’ve obtained working both in South Africa and abroad. It’s been a great pleasure being part of dozens of clients’ journeys towards more confidence & a great life.

Yvonne van Niekerk

Yvonne van Niekerk


B. Communication Pathology: Audiology (2015), University of Pretoria

M. Audiology (2016), University of Pretoria

Yvonne is the practice manager and clinical audiologist. She graduated with distinction and top of her class from the University of Pretoria. She obtained her master’s degree in Audiology with distinction in 2016. She is fascinated by everything to do with ears and hearing. More importantly, Yvonne is passionate about people. She has your best interest at heart. She is German but speaks Afrikaans and English as well.


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Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 08:30 - 16:00

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Where to Find Us

The Hearing Clinic

6 Avocet Corner | Hazeldean Office Park

Silverlakes Rd | Silver lakes | Pretoria

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What do hearing aids cost?

We work with 8 different international hearing aid brands. Therefore, there is a wide range of prices. Each of the 8 brands have several models with a range of technology levels and a variety of features. Starting price is R5500.00 per hearing aid.

Will my medical aid pay for my hearing aids?

Your medical aid might cover a partial or full amount of your hearing test as well as hearing aids. Give us a call and we can do a free benefit check for you.

If I have a hearing problem, do I need hearing aids?

There are hearing problems that do not require hearing aids. For example, you may just have a build up of ear wax that needs to be removed or an ear infection that can be resolved by receiving the appropriate medical treatment. To find out if you need hearing aids book a diagnostic hearing test. When we look at the results we consider all possible solutions to your hearing loss, not just hearing aids.

How much does a hearing test cost?

A full diagnostic hearing test costs R790 or it can be claimed at medical aid rates through your medical aid.

I have already had my hearing tested. Can I get a second opinion?

If you’ve done a hearing test recently (within the last 4 months) we do offer a free consultation to discuss all your hearing aid options.

Which hearing aids do I need?

We specialise in helping you discover your ideal hearing loss solution. This means that we take many factors into consideration before deciding with you which hearing aids to recommend. We do not only take your hearing loss into consideration but also your lifestyle, listening needs, personal preferences and budget.

Don’t let hearing loss steal your joy!

Become part of the conversation & enjoy life more!

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