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From Ear Trumpets to Modern Hearing Aids in Pretoria


Before the invention of the telephone, anyone with hearing difficulties would have probably depended on an ear trumpet or a speaking tube to hold a conversation. These were simple acoustic devices that did not amplify sounds but merely helped to focus them more directly into the outer ear and the eardrum beyond. In practice, they served more as a convenience to those attempting to communicate with the hard-of-hearing, reducing the need to shout. Today, a wide range of sophisticated electronic hearing aids is available, transforming the lives of many in Pretoria and worldwide.


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The telephone marked the first use of electricity to amplify sound and laid the foundation for modern devices to assist those inconvenienced by limited audition. However, while the earliest of these devices were effective, they were also rather large and intrusive and a frequent source of embarrassment for the user. Regrettably, before the advent of digital electronics and its role in miniaturising components, many people chose to live with their condition rather than reveal it so blatantly.


Today, manufacturers like Phonak and Hansaton have developed hearing aids small enough for users to conceal deep in the ear canal, where they are virtually invisible. Naturally, these can’t provide as much amplification as larger models and are, therefore, not suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, both behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (IET) models are pretty compact. Wireless connectivity has eliminated the need for cables to link to microphones concealed in clothing. The natural colouring of the smaller modern amplifiers means they are now more discreet. 


Greater discretion is seen as a welcome improvement by most users. However, many who wear hearing aids, particularly if they work in a modern city like Pretoria, must often face some additional challenges. The digital age has increased everyone’s dependence on electronic devices for communication, entertainment and many other tasks essential to their jobs. Using a mobile phone, listening to the radio or TV without disturbing others, and identifying individual speakers in a crowded office or when travelling in a car full of friends can be a nightmare for those who struggle to hear clearly.


Electronics engineers have leveraged a new breed of highly directional hearing aids to overcome the latter problem. Smart accessories now allow users in Pretoria, and wherever there’s a broadband signal, to connect with digital devices wirelessly and even control them remotely, switching between them as necessary. When shopping in many city department stores, connecting to an induction loop can help users hear announcements made via PA systems. A similar setup is often installed in conference facilities, classrooms and office boardrooms, enabling all attendees, learners or board members to participate actively. 


A small percentage of people who may require these devices experience tinnitus. However, modern hearing aids can assist tinnitus sufferers by generating background, white noise. Some Pretoria dwellers may even experience tinnitus without significant loss of audition, and wearing these devices can also benefit from the effects of the white noise facility. 


Assisted audition is a constantly evolving technology requiring audiologists to keep abreast of and embrace its cutting edge. As a supplier of ten world-renowned, state-of-the-art hearing aids brands, The Hearing Clinic in Pretoria understands that need more than most.  

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