We are AUDIOLOGISTS in Pretoria.

Marelie Gous Audiologists help people to hear clearly, so they can enjoy life with more confidence. Being an independent audiology practice, they believe that not being affiliated with a specific hearing aid brand, helps them to offer impartial advice, the greatest variety of hearing aid brands, best in class technology and best value for money. They are passionate about their jobs.

Marelie Gous

Owner & Audiologist

Marelie Gous has more than 17 years’ experience, both in South Africa and abroad. She qualified as an audiologist and speech therapist at the University of Pretoria in 2002. She prides herself on her ability to select and to apply appropriate treatment options for hearing loss. This ability springs from her diverse experience working with all the international hearing aid brands.

Yvonne van Niekerk


Yvonne graduated her bachelor’s degree in Audiology with distinction and top of her class in 2015. In 2016 she completed a master’s degree in audiology with distinction as well. Since then she has gained experience as a clinical audiologist and practice manager. She is German, but speaks Afrikaans, English and German. She is fascinated by all things regarding ears and hearing, but more importantly about people.