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Here is a checklist of things you can do to ensure you feel more confident and included during the coming holiday season by Marelie Gous (Audiologist).

What does Christmas remind you of? A time for happy gatherings with family and
friends, special moments, fun & laughter!
Someone with hearing loss may feel excluded during these get-togethers, as a noisy
social event may steal their confidence, if they cannot follow the conversation
Here is a checklist of things they can do to ensure a happy heart during the coming
Christmas season:
– Have your hearing checked to determine your hearing status.
– Ask people to face you when talking to you.
– Ask people to speak clearer, not louder.

If you have hearing aids, use these 5 tips to make them work better:

1) Keep your hearing aids wax free to prevent reduced sound – stock up on
wax filters.

2) Protect your hearing aids from exposure to moisture to prevent reduced
volume – e.g. dry your ears/hair completely before inserting them; wipe them
down when your skin feels clammy during hot weather or after a workout; take
them off when it’s rainy etc.

3) Use a properly fitted dome/mould (the portion that goes inside of your ear
canal) to ensure comfort and to keep it from moving out of your ear, which will
reduce sound/volume or produce a whistling sound – book a visit with your
audiologist for a proper assessment of your dome/mould’s effectiveness.

4) Get a hearing test at least every 2 years – if your hearing has changed,
your hearing aids need to be reprogrammed to get the full benefit.

5) Dehydrate your hearing aids daily with a drying unit (ideally an electronic
one) to prevent unnecessary damage to the hearing aids which will cause
reduced amplification – ask your audiologist for the best option.